The Flame of Olympus

Book - 2012 | 1st Aladdin hardcover ed.
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Sep 02, 2020

A winged and majestic white stallion. A sly thief on the run who can break his bones. An angry Jupiter. A war raging in Olympus. Kate O’ Hearn puts a twist on classic Roman mythology in Pegasus - The Flame of Olympus. When a wounded winged stallion from the myths named Pegasus crashes onto her balcony in Manhattan, Emily Jacobs must take the help of Joel, a classmate, to help heal Pegasus. Emily soon finds herself in the middle of a battle against the Nirads, fearsome creatures, and must team up with the thief Palean and the goddess Diana. But along the way, she must learn how to cope with the death of her mother and her own feelings.
The Pegasus series may be my childhood favorite, alongside Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. The detailing and plot twists in this novel make it a true suspense story. Kate O’ Hearn’s writing style makes this an easy read. Once I started reading, I could not stop until I finished. Pegasus - The Flame of Olympus is a truly amazing book that will appeal to those who love reading suspense and mythology stories.

Age Rating: 9+
Star Rating: 5/5
- Anusha

Mar 14, 2020

It was not my favorite series, but it wasn't bad

Jan 03, 2019

Wait a second..Is it just me or this book^^^ sums up the first and second books

Sep 18, 2018

Eh. I couldn't really get hooked on. I stopped reading on like the 15th page. I'm going to check it out again and try to read it again.

Nov 12, 2016

pretty much what creative_nature said But i think this is a mix of Harry potter and Rick Riordans series
I own the first three And I LOOOOOVE them.

Sep 04, 2015

This is a wonderful book! The suspense, allies, just everything makes you sit at the tip of your seat.

Nov 06, 2014

I love this book. Can't wait until I read the second book. :D

Oct 18, 2014

This book is amazing! I am so thankful that the library got my request. Great fantasy!!!

Aug 01, 2013

This story is similar to Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson stories.

BPLNextBestKids Nov 22, 2012

Emily’s mother died three months ago and Emily is still grieving. When a terrible storm hits New York and throws the city into darkness, Emily’s father, a policeman, is at work and Emily is alone in their apartment on the top floor of the building. She hears great crashing on the roof and when she investigates she discovers a winged stallion – Pegasus. He is not the only creature to have escaped the war in Olympus and some of those who have broken through to earth are those who destroyed the Olympic flame. These Nirads terrorize the city searching for Pegasus and Emily. Danger is also present as evil government forces seek Pegasus to kill him in the name of research. Here is an exciting story that makes great use of the old Roman myths. Reviewed by BPL volunteer EE.

cino1 Nov 16, 2012

Great fantasy read! Pegasus lands on the rooftop of Emily’s penthouse in New York embroiling Emily and her friend Joe in the battle between the Olympians and the 4-armed stoned warriors called the Nirads. Pegasus and Emily must discover the human “flame of Olympus” in order to save both Olympus and the human world.

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