William Shakespeare's Star Wars

William Shakespeare's Star Wars

Verily, A New Hope

Book - 2013
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FPL_RachelR Aug 15, 2020

“Merry pranks a plenty I shall play upon this pompous droid, C3PO!” speaketh R2D2. This delightful reworking of the Star Wars script in Shakespearean language – and iambic pentameter- features a soliloquy by R2D2 and many famous lines reworked into the mouths of beloved sci-fi characters. A very worthy read!

May 03, 2018

Oh. My. Goodness.
Someone loves Shakespeare too much. Someone loves Star Wars (can't love that enough). Someone has way to much time on their hands.
Takes time to read but a great book.

Dec 10, 2017

I always thought A New Hope was a really well done movie, and over the past few years, I’ve also been getting into the works of William Shakespeare, so to see that someone actively combined the two is just mind-blowing (And that they have done books 1 through 7 is beyond mind-blowing). This book is a perfect example of the phrase ‘What you see is what you get’: The entire script of A New Hope told in early victorian iambic pentameter.
I love how Star Wars nerds can revel in the fact that every line from the movie — like when Luke whines that he doesn't get to go to Toshe Station to pick up some power converters — is replicated in victorian english so wonderfully. If you like both Star Wars and Shakespeare, I urge you to pick this one up. 4.5 out of 5.
- @RhythmDragon of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Apr 15, 2017

Is it weird that reading Star Wars in iambic pentameter helped me to understand character motivations even more than I previously had? I love Star Wars, and I love Shakespeare, but somehow the combination of the two brings a completely new appreciation for both!

CMLibrary_KimUC Jan 04, 2017

Shakespeare, meet Darth Vader. Darth Vader, meet iambic pentameter. Experience the greatest sci-fi epic re-told in Shakespearean verse. A clever parody, a mashup of 3,076 lines, inspired by the work of master storytellers George Lucas and Shakespeare. May the verse be with you!

Chapel_Hill_KarinM Dec 18, 2015

So yes, the concept is freaking awesome, but it's really written in Shakespearean language, which means it gets a teensy bit tiresome after a while.

Sep 22, 2015

Magnificent, fantastic, and completely fabulous, this Shakespearean rendition of Star Wars will delight interested readers. It was done well, with the scenes in typical Shakespearean dialogue. To be honest, it was kind of strange imagining our beloved Star Wars characters all speaking in Shakespeare style (lol), but the author was still able to capture the authenticity of Star Wars, even in Shakespearean language. I loved it. Can't wait to read the other 2. ^-^ Great for showing to friends and getting their reactions too. ;P

May 06, 2015

Hark, a new hope ariseth within!

Nov 23, 2014

Loved it. 5 stars.

MustafaAlmosawi Mar 17, 2014

The premise of an epic saga such as Star Wars, adapted to a play and written in verse is delightful. The execution is... well it's a far cry from Shakespeare. This is the equivalent of putting a pig in a tutu and saying you can perform Angry Birds' Swan Lake.

Dec 05, 2013

What a great combination!! So glad I read this. Its very witty. Looking forward to the next one! Highly recommend. 5/5

Oct 18, 2013

A fun adaptation of Star Wars into the prose and style of Shakespeare's time, weaving in some of Shakespeare's real work along the way. It's preposterous- particularly in getting to hear R2-D2's inner voice- but that's what makes it work.

JCLJaredH Aug 07, 2013

I have eagerly awaiting this book since I first heard about it back in June. Written for the Star Wars fan, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars is an amusing and interesting mashup of the New Hope script with the style of the Bard of Avon. It is definitely not something that is meant to be taken seriously by either genre. Doescher throws in various famous Shakespearean orations and gives them a comical Star Wars twist. The various asides of the characters to the audience and well done illustrations show that Doescher is not above poking fun at Star Wars itself with subtle wit. It does bog down at times and the idea can wear thin at times, but it is still fun. I would love to see this actually performed.

Jul 28, 2013

Clever. Funny. Uber-nerdy. ♥ R2D2 speaking "droid" as he normally would, except in his asides he speaks his mind in Shakespearean iambic pentameter. ♥ the many lines adapted from the Bard's plays to create clever connections. Luke holding the helmet if a stormtrooper & speaking as Hamlet to Yorick is awesome. Well worth the read.

bookfanatic1979 Jul 19, 2013

I found Act I to be hilarious; Act II mildly amusing. By Act III the novelty had worn off and by Act IV I was wondering how many more pages were left. By Act V I was just annoyed every time I recognized one of Shakespeare’s famous speeches. It’s a very, very, clever concept and I think Doescher did an excellent job but at some point it ceased being an enjoyable read and seemed more of a writing exercise for the author.

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