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FPL_Kayla made a comment Jan 18 2021
"Have you read all the Harry Potter books 10 times through and are looking for another series to binge? Check out The Iron Trial. This series, set in an underground magical boarding school called The Magisterium, offers all the tight-knit friends..." Permalink
FPL_Kayla made a comment Dec 21 2020
"I love books that you can sing along to and If It's Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws! is no exception. This book tells an adorable wintry story, while still fitting in the framework of the song "If You're Happy and You Know It." As an avid si..." Permalink
FPL_Kayla rated a title Dec 21 2020
FPL_Kayla made a comment Dec 08 2020
"Trapped is a solid middle-grade survival story. The action and suspense are well done, without the more mature teen content like graphic death scenes, gruesome situations, or explicit romantic scenes. It's a quick read whose fast-paced action wi..." Permalink
FPL_Kayla created a list Dec 01 2020
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"Have you already read Harry Potter more times than you can count? Here are some other magical worlds to explore!"
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